Overall News


Video game production is now big business in New Zealand. The New Zealand Game Developers Association is predicting that this industry will have earnings of one billion dollars per annum by the end of this decade. There are plenty of employment opportunities here as well. This growing export industry can only be good for our country.

Be Wise

Many businesses are suffering because of the pandemic and are calling for our borders to be opened immediately. But, we should all stop and consider how tragic it would be to have another countrywide lockdown causing more financial ruin. We have sacrificed so much and we are so close to being protected by the vaccine it would be irresponsible in…

First Homes

It would seem sensible to include more pre-build solutions into the mix when looking to get affordable homes onto the market. Surely this would be faster and cheaper than our traditional methods of home building. Some compromise in style and size would be an acceptable trade off to first home buyers desperate for a place of their own. Home is…


Technology is the new exciting export and unlike a side of beef which can only be sold once, a programme can be sold a hundred times.