About Me

Cutting through the red tape

I like to believe I understand the needs of the business community. During my twelve years in Parliament while serving in the ”engine room” of politics, namely the Parliamentary select committee process and my 10 years as a lobbyist, it became obvious to me that many groups experienced real difficulty getting their message across.

Advocating on your own behalf whether, as an individual or as a representative of a wider group, is not always a productive use of one’s time. There is a well-known saying among lawyers regarding self-representation that is equally fitting in this circumstance.

The service I provide reaches right across party lines. Understand that every Member of Parliament contributes to the decisions emanating from Parliament. This has always been the foundation of my operating methods. It is my firm belief that common sense, consensus and practical solutions achieve far better results than political division, or public fighting among pressure groups.

Government legislation, although without doubt necessary, often contains fishhooks that impose unacceptable outcomes for private individuals and businesses. Needless to say these situations are usually expensive in financial and compliance terms. My service interacts directly with individual politicians and officials to effect positive changes for my clients, which in many instances also proves beneficial to our fellow citizens.

I can provide all ancillary services such as media strategies, speeches, drafting changes for legislation, submissions to select committees and personal introductions when appropriate. I can deal with a wide
range matters including climate change, primary production, local government, environmental issues, economic development, labour laws and any other issue facing the wider community.

Please call me to discuss your situation and together we can work out a way forward.