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Spend, Spend, Spend

The government is wanting us to spend to get the economy going again. They are certainly doing their share with ‘shovel ready’ projects being lined up at an unprecedented rate. The old days of fiscal prudence are only a few months behind us but already almost forgotten. A week is a long time in politics!

State Houses

The world is indeed changing when we see an economist calling for a programme to build 10,000 state houses. But that is what has happened. One can only agree that, this is about the only way that we will house all our citizens whether we like it or not.


We see the government being criticised for getting a bit political as it takes us down through the Covid-19 levels.What would we expect with an election in September. And they wouldn’t be the only ones would they!!!

Employment is the name of the game.

With the borders closed we need thousands of New Zealanders to fill vacancies in agriculture. The money is not bad either so get out of the city and into those rural areas. That is where the jobs are right now. It might be a big call to make the transition but give it a go. You might be surprised by…